Ron Planet - The Screenplay [go back to the comics!]  
Ron Planet originally started back in '06 when Matt and Craig joked about writing a Sci-Fi Original Movie. Ron was going to be some former space hero that gets called out of retirement to save the world from a death ray or something.----->

But the X-Prize had happened and Virgin Galactic was announced and China's space program started doing awesome. I mean, come on: TAIKONAUTS! That's cooler than Astro and Cosmonauts put together! Meanwhile, NASA kept having shuttle problems and diaper issues and announced a plan to go back to the moon for no reason. It was depressing.

Craig's first kiss was at Space Camp. Matt got to see the Challenger's last successful launch in person. And back in film school, Craig and Matt made a pilgrimage from Huntsville to Titusville to watch their first night launch and make this awesome movie [click to watch it] where Matt steals the space shuttle.

Suddenly they wanted Ron Planet to mean something and not just be a bad CG fest for people to enjoy on a Saturday afternoon while they install a ceiling fan (thx Mansquito!).

They wrote in their spare time over the course of a year or so, pitched it around, then found some indie financing. They got psyched and had their friend Jeff Sims make the amazing concept art you see all around you. Then the indie financing, as indie financing is wont to do, got weird and went away.

But Ron Planet made a good writing sample and got them another writing job, which is cool. But now that the 40th Apollo 11 anniversary has come and gone and they keep hearing the same "Dude, what happened to NASA?!" sentiment all over the place, they can't help feeling that Ron's story might actually be kind of relevant in addition to just being funny and cool and gorillas.

So the plan is to draw these comics, eventually collect and publish them, then someone will option that and turn it into a movie. Reverse Hollywood psychology!