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Craig Zobel and Matt Chapman met in junior high while discussing the finer points of a papier mache dragon Craig made for art class. Matt made some Bigfoot-lizard thing that sucked. This is kind of how art class went throughout their schooling.

Craig makes and writes films like Great World of Sound and Gizmondo. If he's not careful, he'll only get to make movies that start with the letter "G". He co-wrote Ron Planet and might draw an extra thing or two here from time to time.

Matt makes a web cartoon with his brother. He does NOT have a sequential art degree and has no idea what he's doing with regards to inking or shading. He simply wrote the script with Craig, threw all skillsets to the wind, and started drawing these comics. His knowledge of HTML comes from no later than 1999. He tried using Comic Press but just wanted to turn most of the features off.
      CRAIG! contacto: ronginald at ron planet dot com MATT!